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UTA Lady Movin’ Mavs

The UTA Lady Movin’ Mavs are preparing for a collegiate tournament that will be held at UTA Valentines Day weekend. They hosted an invitational tournament last weekend. Championship teams and Division three teams attended. They went 3-0 in the tournament defeating Tulsa 46-16, Houston 56-44 and Nashville 64-48. The Freshman team member Rachel Kroener says the team gets along well both on and off the court. To keep up with the Lady Mavs follow them on their Facebook page.

Reachelle Spieker

UTA CrossFitters


Staying fit is important. Most UTA students interested in fitness seek work out options at the Maverick Activities Center. With many classes offered, most students find exactly what they are looking for. But, some are looking for more. CrossFit is an emerging sport with fitness as the main goal. Each year the winners of the CrossFit Games are awarded the titles of “Fittest Man” and “Fittest Woman” alive. The sport has rules and regulations and its coaches must have certifications.  Some of UTA’s own have found a passion for CrossFit and a gym just five minutes from campus.


Reachelle Spieker

SAAC Press Conference

The Student Athlete Advisory Committee or SAAC is excited about the growth they are seeing in student involvement on campus. With a goal to increase school spirit and take away the  disconnection the high amount of commuter students have to campus involvement, SAAC has multiple fundraisers and events planned. This week look for drop boxes for a canned food drive. On Thursday, the volleyball team matches up against rival Texas State. this game is the Dig Pink game benefiting breast cancer awareness. First 250 fans will receive a free pink T-shirt and everyone else is encouraged to wear pink. Last years game set the record attendance at College Park Center. Game time is 6:30 p.m.

Movin’ Mav & Dallas Mav

Dr. Abu Yilla is a Kinesiology professor who advocates for the widening acceptance of sport different than just the big three. He played for the Dallas Wheelchair Mavericks, the UTA Movin’ Mavs and U.S. and Britain National Paralympic Teams. As an ex-professional wheelchair basketball player and awarded athlete who moved from abroad, he brings a unique perspective to the table challenging his students to broaden their minds and question their current mindsets. Dr. Yilla teaches three classes at UTA, including Sociology of Sport where his students enjoy the ability to speak freely and have open debate.

Reachelle Spieker

Lady Movin’ Mavs Push Forward

The Lady Movin’ Mavs matched up against two different wheelchair basketball teams from the DFW area Saturday in exhibition matches. Playing agaisnt the Dallas Jr’s as well as the DFW Freewheelers, who are both made up of mostly male athletes, the Lady Movin’ Mavs set out to gain game experience that will help them in collegiate matches. Out of the three games, the Lady Movin’ Mavs took one from the Dallas Jr’s by a score of 50 to 39, but dropped two to the DFW Freewheelers. Going into the half, the Lady Mavs were tied with the Freewheelers at 26, but unfortunately couldn’t hold on in the second half. Week by week the Mavs look to continue improving, and with a team of mostly freshmen, have the time and talent to do just that.

By: Derek Kaufman

UTA Hockey Loses First Home Game

This past weekend your UTA Mavericks took to the ice for their first game in over three years. The Mavs faced off against rivals UNT in an ice hockey game Friday night at the Parks Mall in Arlington to a crowd from both universities. While UTA was able to keep the score even through one period, the Eagles proved too much for the Mavs as they scored a short handed goal in the second period as well as the third, and eventually won the game with a score of five to one. With the hockey season just getting underway, the Mavs look forward to working towards their first win, as well as playing in division two ice hockey. To see the Mavs hockey schedule or other media, search for UTA Ice Hockey on Facebook or Twitter.

By: Derek Kaufman

Movin’ Mavs 2014-15 Expectations

The UTA Movin Mavs wheelchair basketball team has a history littered with national championships. However, while the team has lived up to its high standards the past few years, the Movin’ Mavs have failed to bring home a trophy despite being the number one seed in the regular season and also playing in the national championship game in two consecutive seasons. While the Movin’ Mavs seem ready for another season of basketball, only time will tell if all of their hard work over the summer will bring them back to a national championship final.

By: Derek Kaufman

Carlos Arbiza

Carlos’ family moved to Venezuela from Uruguay before he was born. The family played sports as a hobby but tennis became their passion. At the age of three, Carlos wanted to follow his fathers footsteps and started playing tennis. After visitng UTA and talking to the Tennis Coach, Carlos applied for UT Arlington and received a scholarship. Today as captain, Carlos’ skills and talent for the sport have led the Maverick’s mens tennis team played their best this season. They are now looking foward to the final conference in New Orleans.

By: Jimena Fraga

Softball Team Bringing Alumni Together

While many students don’t always keep close ties with their classmates after college, the Army Ants softball team is not only comprised of current students of UTA, but also alumni as well.  Playing every Monday evening at the Harold Patterson Sports Complex, the Army Ants have come together as a team that is prolonging and creating friendships that have strong ties to UTA.  While the Army Ants are self admittedly not the greatest softball team in the world, many of the players feel that keeping in touch with their old and new friends from UTA is what makes the team experience all the better.

By: Derek Kaufman