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2014 Student Elections

Student election results are pending but the excitement behind the 2014, campaign is confirmed!!! With positions on the ballot ranging from UTA Ambassador, to Homecoming King and Queen, nominee’s  campaigned up to the last minute to earn students vote.

Held on Election Tuesday, UT Arlington’s day at the polls served as a microcosm to the national day of decision. Student Affairs officials hope is that Mavericks not only become active in campus policy but use the opportunity as a springboard to particpate in social event that shape our local, state, and national community.  


By: Tony Curtis Hughes

No Hazing Week

Every September UT Arlington participates in No Hazing week, a week dedicated to raising awareness and education against hazing. This year the theme was “These Hands Don’t Haze”. Students were able to help the cause by signing a banner that was located outside of the University Center all week. Wednesday evening there was a special showing of the 2008 documentary Haze, starring Robin Wright Penn the film focuses on the death of a college freshman due to hazing activity. New Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. Timothy Quinnan had a few words for the students before the film. For more information about how you can stop hazing visit uta.edu/greek.

By Laura Robertson

Blaze mascot performers remain a mystery

Blaze replaced Sam Maverick as UTA’s mascot seven years ago. The mascots are considered one of UTA’s spirit groups, along with the cheerleaders and the Wranglers. In order to become Blaze, students must go through a tryout process to ensure they can walk and act in accordance with his persona. As compensation for working events on campus and in the community, Blaze performers receive a scholarship at the end of the semester.

by Raegan Cardwell

Profile Jennifer Fox

This is a profile of Jennifer Fox a very active student and role model on campus. We the student media on campus use her often for interviews because she is always willing and credible. I did this story to tell why she is help in high regard and give a little background on her. At 23 she is a country western singer, board member for the downtown Arlington Management Corporation and Student Congress president. She also mentors others and has been a leader on campus from the time she stepped on it.