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2014 Student Elections

Student election results are pending but the excitement behind the 2014, campaign is confirmed!!! With positions on the ballot ranging from UTA Ambassador, to Homecoming King and Queen, nominee’s  campaigned up to the last minute to earn students vote.

Held on Election Tuesday, UT Arlington’s day at the polls served as a microcosm to the national day of decision. Student Affairs officials hope is that Mavericks not only become active in campus policy but use the opportunity as a springboard to particpate in social event that shape our local, state, and national community.  


By: Tony Curtis Hughes

Ph.D. student wins award for human rights essay

Wasiu Lawal won first place in the first student essay contest hosted by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. His essay titled “Water as a Friend and a Right” discusses the connection between water, human rights and science. Lawal was born in the United States and grew up in Nigeria, where he saw how access to water, or lack thereof, affected the people in his community and the surrounding areas. He is now working to remove the contaminant PFOA, a chemical used in the production of nonstick cookware, from water. He wants to gain more experience working in the U.S. but plans to eventually return to Nigeria and work in a water-related field.

by Raegan Cardwell

Resolution 13-01

Former student congressman and president of the UTA chapter of the National Society for Leadership and Success authored resolution 13-01. Resolution 13-01 is a request for the university to subsidize the cost associated with accommodating disabled students who want to participate in extracurricular activities. His organization is a nonprofit. Most of the money they receive from fees goes to the national chapter. To pay for those accomodations would put the organization in debt and to refuse membership is discrimination.

UTA Eats

The first segment of UTA Eats features “What are UTA Students Eating on Campus?” UTA has many options to choose from when it comes to eating off the “UTA menu.”  With that being said, the food and drinks students eat on campus vary based on the student’s personal taste. Students choose to eat on campus rather than at home because it is convenient. Ovboiously students love to eat. But when it comes to choosing their own food they prefer it cheap and something that is quick to make.

Tune into next week’s segment on “How to Eat on a College Budget.”

By Allie Woldtvedt & Sean Noell

Shots Fired: The Right to Conceal and Carry on Campus

Safety is a growing concern for many students on campus.  With knowledge of increased crime occurring on campus, comes more support of being allowed the right to carry handguns.  In this news piece,  students assert their opinion on why it is imperative to be afforded the right to carry fire arms on campus.


By: Brittney Richardson

UTA Alumna/Hollywood Actress: Raquel Bell

Raquel Bell drove straight to Hollywood after receiving her communications degree with a minor in theater arts from UTA. Bell can be seen on CBS’ “The Young and the Restless”, “The Ghost Whisperer”, “The Eleventh Hour”, “CSI: Miami”, ABC’s “Desperate Housewives” and the Dreamworks/Paramount movie “I Love You, Man”.  In between auditions, TV and movie roles, she also plays the role of wife and mother at home and attributes her success to God and her family.  She is an example of just how far UTA Mavericks can go if we put our minds to it. Catch Raquel Bell on the big screen later this year in the Paramount film “A Thousand Words” starring Eddie Murphy.

By:  Christine Nicholson

Keeping Students at UTA


While many students at UTA elect to transfer to other Universities, wether it be through the CAP program, or of their own accord, even more students choose to stay at UTA.  But what is the University doing to help keep even more students here?  Michael Moore, Senior Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate studies, believes that the University is more prosperous then ever thanks to a renewed interest in UTA athletics, the introduction of the College Park center, and all the new ameneties that will come with the Arlington College Park district.


By: Carl Ellis