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Carlos Arbiza

Carlos’ family moved to Venezuela from Uruguay before he was born. The family played sports as a hobby but tennis became their passion. At the age of three, Carlos wanted to follow his fathers footsteps and started playing tennis. After visitng UTA and talking to the Tennis Coach, Carlos applied for UT Arlington and received a scholarship. Today as captain, Carlos’ skills and talent for the sport have led the Maverick’s mens tennis team played their best this season. They are now looking foward to the final conference in New Orleans.

By: Jimena Fraga


While everyone from UTA was on spring break  the UT Arlington men’s tennis team represented the school on a match. They faced Cleveland State and walked away with a win.  Aside from playing against a great team the mavericks gave it all they have. UTA tennis player, Francesco says “at the end, the score doesn’t matter”. The Cleveland team, that is used to play indoors, was deffinetly accfected by the Texas weather on their performance.  For UTA  both doubles and singles match was a victory, defeating Cleveland Sate 5-2.
By: Jimena Fraga

UTA Tennis

Another UTA sport recently started it’s season besides baseball! UTA tennis is looking to stake it’s claim for another championship run with two promising freshman and several experienced returners. Coach Diego Benitez has high hopes for the mavericks to take the Western Athletic Conference by storm this year. The team looks to even their record to 2-2 this Thursday, February 21, when they take on the Longhorns in Austin.

By: Alyx Crawford

UTA Men’s tennis

The tennis season has already started. The UTA men’s tennis team  faced the university of TCU last Tuesday February 21st at the UTA tennis courts. The mavericks started out playing very well doubles and they were able to win the first point opening the day with a lead. However the frogs who are ranked 44th in the nation came back very strong after the break and knocked down the mavericks winning 5 out of 6 sinlge matches. Only local player Jason Lateko was able to give the mavericks a singles’ victory. Both men’s and women’s tennis team will face Nichols State University on February 28th at the UTA tennis courts.

By: Maria Martinez