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Step Up To Injustice

Homecoming 2014 was a great time for students to take a break from class and have some fun. The annual step show, hosted by UTA’s National Pan-Hellenic Council, is one of the weekends most anticipated events. Held in Texas Hall, the event is a time to celebrate Greek pride, and earn bragging rights for a year.

Entitled, Step Up To Injustice: this year’s event sought not only to entertain but to promote social awareness. In collaboration with NAACP and sponsors, Texas Trust Bank, the event expanded this year’s completion to any organization on campus. Making this year’s Step Show, one for the ages.



by:Tony Curtis Hughes

Low Cost for a Good Cause

Being a pet owner is a one of a kind experience. The bond shared between man and beast often extends beyond pet and owner into friendship. With some owners viewing and treating their pets like children. However, unlike humans, pets are not able to give clear signals when something is wrong.

When health becomes an issue, treatment often goes unattended due to medical cost. For residence of Arlington, TCAP, in conjunction with the Arlington Animal Center, offers a solution to help keeps pets happy and healthy for as long as possible.


by: Tony Curtis Hughes