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Net Neutrality Gains Presidential Support

Net neutrality is defined as the principle that internet service providers should allow access to all websites and content regardless of the source, without favoring or blocking particular products or websites. Essentially, if the internet is deemed as not a public utility, ISP’s can and will be able to charge you for different websites and content you view on the internet. In a speech given by the President last week, Obama urged the FCC to keep the internet open and free. While the internet has been neutral from its creation, and at this point in time still is, the White House also stated that an open internet is not only essential to the American economy, but increasingly to our very way of life. A new study, published by Rasmussen Reports in November of 2014, showed that 61% of Americans are against government regulation of the internet, and believe it should remain open without regulation and censorship.

By: Derek Kaufman

UTA Football Counter Petition

In response to a petition created to bring football back to the University of Texas at Arlington, another student created a petition to keep football away from UTA. Their reasoning is because UTA has made plenty of advances in academic areas since funding hasn’t had to be split with football. Supporters of the counter-petition also state that we don’t support our current athletics enough and it would take too long for a start up team to become competition worthy.

-Joshua Pearson

UTA vs. DBU Ice Hockey

For their second game of the season, the UTA Mavericks ice hockey team was hosted in Farmers Branch by the Dallas Baptist Patriots. Going into this week, DBU came in on fire with a 7 and 2 overall record, while UTA had dropped its only contest of the season so far to UNT. UTA came out strong with three goals, coming as a surprise to the Patriots. With multiple UTA players absent to either suspension or injury, the lack of depth on the bench was felt in the third period. Although the weekend might not have went as planned for the Mavs, they will have a week off to regroup before testing their luck against SMU on November 7th.

By: Derek Kaufman

UTA Hockey Loses First Home Game

This past weekend your UTA Mavericks took to the ice for their first game in over three years. The Mavs faced off against rivals UNT in an ice hockey game Friday night at the Parks Mall in Arlington to a crowd from both universities. While UTA was able to keep the score even through one period, the Eagles proved too much for the Mavs as they scored a short handed goal in the second period as well as the third, and eventually won the game with a score of five to one. With the hockey season just getting underway, the Mavs look forward to working towards their first win, as well as playing in division two ice hockey. To see the Mavs hockey schedule or other media, search for UTA Ice Hockey on Facebook or Twitter.

By: Derek Kaufman

Horrorfest Film Competition

Every year the Art Institute of Dallas hosts a film competition for current and former students called Horrorfest.  This year, Chris Skupien, who’s competed in the competition for the past five years, is feeling the pressure of having to make a film in less than seven days.  Aside from giving awards for the best film, the Art Institute also gives awards for the best weapon, best blood and gore, and other primary aspects of a horror film.  Although filming is complete, the competition is just getting started.

By: Derek Kaufman

Pet Rocks

The housing department at UT Arlington has a strict no pet policy. An RA at the Lofts on campus had a solid idea to host an event to create Pet Rocks. While studying for the first round of exams, students created, and coddled their own unique pets to keep on campus.

Study Abroad Fair

The office of International Education hosted a study abroad fair to highlight all of the exchange programs offered by UT Arlington. UTA study abroad offers over 400 study abroad programs within 62 countries. You can earn credit towards your UTA degree while learning other cultures and meet possible career options. Students are eligible to use UTA’s financial aid and scholarships. To qualify you must be in good academic and disciplinary standing with UTA, a sophmore and above, and must also have a minimun GPA of 2.5 for undergraduates and a 3.0 for graduate students. For more information you can visit their website studyabroad.uta.edu.

By Rosa Ramirez