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Politically Challenged: UTA Edition

A few weeks ago a reporter at Texas Tech University asked students basic political questions about the United States, and got troubling answers. Would UTA students have the same amount of trouble as students out in Lubbock? See for yourself.

By: Derek Kaufman

Net Neutrality Gains Presidential Support

Net neutrality is defined as the principle that internet service providers should allow access to all websites and content regardless of the source, without favoring or blocking particular products or websites. Essentially, if the internet is deemed as not a public utility, ISP’s can and will be able to charge you for different websites and content you view on the internet. In a speech given by the President last week, Obama urged the FCC to keep the internet open and free. While the internet has been neutral from its creation, and at this point in time still is, the White House also stated that an open internet is not only essential to the American economy, but increasingly to our very way of life. A new study, published by Rasmussen Reports in November of 2014, showed that 61% of Americans are against government regulation of the internet, and believe it should remain open without regulation and censorship.

By: Derek Kaufman

UTA Football Counter Petition

In response to a petition created to bring football back to the University of Texas at Arlington, another student created a petition to keep football away from UTA. Their reasoning is because UTA has made plenty of advances in academic areas since funding hasn’t had to be split with football. Supporters of the counter-petition also state that we don’t support our current athletics enough and it would take too long for a start up team to become competition worthy.

-Joshua Pearson

The Mavericks react to “El Chapo”

The most wanted cartel leader, Joaquin Guzman “El Chapo” was captured in Mazatlán Mexico. UTA students are always aware of the news due to the full access they get on their technologic devices. We went around campus with a tablet to see if the mavericks could recognize who the man on the picture was. Most of the mavericks were aware of the situation and shared their insight of what they think might happen in the future.

By: Vladimir Flores

Campus Diversity

The University of Texas at Arlington embraces diversity among it students. Diversity fosters academic freedom without prejudice, intolerance or discrimination. UT Arlington promotes an environment that accepts and appreciates every individuals uniqueness, regardless of national origins or race. By valuing differences, UTA focuses on  campus life that invites and respects everyone.  UT-Arlington is committed to the awareness of different cultures by offering various student organizations which help celebrate heritage months on Campus.

By: Joanna Molinero

UTA students share their political views

With the media hoopla surrounding the upcoming fall election, reporter Stephanie Knefel decided to ask UTA students how the felt about politics. Several students were upset with Obama, but felt he was doing the best he could in a hard situation. Students also felt that the Republican party took too long in finding someone to run aganist Obama. Many students were stressed over the economy, since they hope to enter the job force after graduating college. Some also expressed concern over immigration, gay marriage, and online rights. Most students did not know who will they will be voting for yet. Some know they will not vote for Obama, but they also do not have a Republican favorite. For more information on voting and election news, visit www.projectvote.org.

By: Stephanie Knefel