Fall 2016 UTA Newscasts

In our 6th edition of UTA News, we take a  look at a student protest centered around police brutality in the United States, in sports, show the off field efforts of the UTA student athlets  to better their lives, and in entertainment, we show a students unusualy long journey to find the perfect mini hamburger.
Produced by: Samuel Hale

In our 5th edition of UTA News, we take a look at how the  Police department is teaching you how to defend yourself, in sports, we take an inside look at the Mens Basketball Team’s first practice of the season, and we take you right onto the Texas State Fair grounds.
Produced by: David Dunn

In our 4th edition of UTA News, we speak with a UTA Broadcasting Student who was in the face of a life or death situation during  the Dallas Ambush, in sports we highlight an athlete who traveled far from home to play for the UTA Tennis Team,  and we learn more about the event about the controversies of banned books.
Produced by: Mayra Cordova 

In our 3rd edition of UTA News, we get a glimpse at Maversity, in sports we recap UTA’s most popular tradition, Oozeball, and we learn some helpful advice from a life coach who visited UTA.
Produced by: Samantha Seibold

In our 2nd edition of UTA News, we dive head on into the issue of campus carry at UT Arlington, in sports how the UTA Volleyball team faired this past weekend, and we sit one on one with an award winning Geology professor here at UTA.
Produced by: Jeffery Burtis

In our 1st edition of UTA News, we take a look into how the UTA community is fighting against sexual violence, in sports we meet a upcoming freshman ready to fill in a new role, and we asked some UTA students how updated they are with the news.
Produced by: Austin Nguyen